Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept New SS Retirees Tie Sept in 1980

9/30/2009 Jan-Sept total new retirees ties 1980 record. 1980 was the first dip in a double dip recession. The second dip occurred a year later in mid 1982.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Y/Y August Retails Sales

9/15/2009 August Y/Y retail sales x Autos X gasoline x building materials improves but negative for 10 consecutive months.

August 2009 Port of LA In-Bound Containers and Weekly Intermodal Rail Freight Car Loadings

9/15/2009 Weekly Intermodal Freight Car Loadings through Sept 4, 2009 and Monthly Port of LA In-Bound Containers through August 2009. The Weekly Container Index (not shown) for last week dropped to a near recent record low.

PPI Core Intermediate Prices

9/15/2009 Producer pipeline prices of core goods still falling in August 2009. Good news for consumers.