Friday, December 29, 2006

12/29/06 This chart using data from today's IMF report on Global FX Reserves suggests the USD continues to be the preferred reserve currency.
Many USD bears saw the Q2 2006 drop as a sign of weakening. But today's report including the most recent Q3 2006 data suggests the dollar continues to gain more importance over other currencies.

12/29/06 If you add the pound and the yen reserves with euro reserves then you still get a graph that shows the USD dominates

12/29/06 Chart Correction. Shows better increase in EURO than previous chart.

12/29/2006 Today IMF report on global foreign exchange reserves. The chart shows total reserves in bars. Claims against the US Dollar is the red line and claims against the Euro Area Euro is the yellow line.
The chart includes 3rd quarter of 2006 data.
This chart suggests that USD improved its status as the global FX reserve currency of choice. While the Euro has remained a distant a distant second with little to no improvement.